Code of Professional Conduct

1. Professional Conduct

Members in the conduct of their activities shall respect the dignity of the sales profession. They shall act with integrity and not engage in any activity which is likely to corrupt or denigrate the profession.

2. Injury to Others

Members shall not knowingly, recklessly or maliciously injure the professional reputation or practice of another member of this or any other profession.

3. Misleading Information

Members shall at all times act honestly and in such a manner that suppliers or customers are not caused to be misled. In the course of their professional activities they shall not knowingly or recklessly disseminate false or misleading information. It is also members' responsibility to ensure that their subordinates conform to this Code.

4. Responsibility to Company

Members are expected to strive to attain and apply a high level of competence in expediting the work entrusted to them, and to provide a creative contribution to their Company's profitability and wellbeing.

5. Responsibility to Colleagues

Members shall do all they can to promote the infinite benefits which professional selling, sales management and marketing can bring their company and do all they can to understand the work of others in the company and the techniques and skills they employ. They should at all times endeavour to work in harmony with their colleagues, recognising the joint endeavour in which they are involved.
Members shall also seek to encourage and develop their younger colleagues in the profession so that they may attain similar levels of professional competence.

6. Responsibility to Customers

Members are expected to act at all times in a manner which recognises that they are a representative of their company and thus reflects the company's corporate image and credibility. Members must recognise that customers have similar objectives to those of their own company and that the performance of the customer and the quality of the goods or services purchased will be enhanced and will continue only if members assists their customers in reaching their objectives. Caution should be exercised in the giving of gifts or entertainment at the company's expense, and any kind of obligation, real or implied, should be avoided, the overriding factor being that a personal relationship with a customer should never interfere with the making of a business decision.

7. Responsibility to the Professional Body

Members are expected to accord their professional body the same degree of integrity which they accord their own company and the profession in general.

8. Disclosure of Confidential Information

Members shall not disclose (except as may be required by law or statute) or make use of information given or obtained in confidence from their company, suppliers, customers or professional body, for personal gain or otherwise, without express prior consent.

9. Declaration of Interest

Members having an influential personal interest in any business which competes with that of their company shall disclose that interest. Members having an influential personal interest in the buying or selling of goods or services as between their company and any other organisation shall disclose that interest to their company prior to the transaction taking place.

10. Enforcement of the Code

The acceptance of this Code of Practice is mandatory on all members of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management. It is the duty of all members to assist in the implementation, and enforcement of this Code and they will be supported by their professional body for so doing.
Unfair, reckless or malicious use of the Code by members or others to damage the reputation and/or professional practice of a member and/or his company shall be deemed to be a breach of this Code.
The Institute reserves the right to nominate a person or persons to decide if there is a case of breach of the Code. The Institute of Sales & Marketing Management or its management committee will initiate the necessary procedure for investigation if there is a prima facie case. If, after due investigation in accordance with the Rules of the Institute, any member shall be found to be in breach of this Code of Practice then that member shall be expelled from membership forthwith.