Creating Progressive Accountancy Firms

The Ravens Wood Consultancy helps to create Progressive Accountancy Firms for the competitive modern world and use similar techniques to the top 50 firms.

Clients are becoming more demanding and have greater needs than ever. They are looking to work with their Professional Advisors on a partnership basis and are no longer content with accountants that merely record history.

Google has made experts of everyone, no longer do clients blindly accept or canvas opinion from their Professional Advisors first.

Clients have greater choices more readily available and a lot of information and advice is freely accessible.

The rapid development of software solutions for accountancy means that you do have to "Wake up and smell the coffee." In America, small business owners (80% of your client base) are using a software solution and no longer use accountants for their accounting needs.

The most popular is Turbo Tax ( In the UK, we already have Xero, Quick Books and many others are being developed. Robotic Process Automation is now being developed for repetitive tasks.

Can you genuinely say Yes to the following for your Practice; Client Management and Fee Strategies?

Featured in Accountancy Age 2017: The Rise of The Progressive Accountant